Low Car Insurance Rates

Low Car Insurance Rates

Buying a new car is a stressful process, but it’s always fun to drive that new ride off the lot and into your garage. The new car smell, the feeling of a new vehicle, and the excitement of driving something new is always enjoyable, but finding out how much your car insurance rates change isn’t always as much fun. If your car insurance rates rise as a result of your new car purchase, you’ll end up paying more than you imagined for that car. It’s imperative you do a little homework prior to purchasing a new car so you don’t go over the budget when you begin paying your new car insurance premium.

Consider the Year

When you pay your car insurance premium, you pay more for an older car. If you’re care shopping and want to keep rates low, call and ask what model year is going to be the most cost effective. You needn’t purchase a brand-new vehicle to keep the rates low, but you can ask your Car Insurance NZ company if you need to keep your new car search within a certain number of years to qualify for lower rates.

Consider the Size of the Vehicle

Size matters when it comes to insurance, and bigger is better when you’re discussing the exterior of your new vehicle. SUVs, minivans, and trucks are often considered safer in an accident, which means you have a greater chance of walking away with fewer injuries. They also suffer fewer damages to the vehicles in accidents when smaller vehicles.

Consider the Size of the Engine

The size of the engine is another consideration. Unlike bigger is better in terms of car size, bigger is more expensive when you’re talking about engines. The bigger the engine in your vehicle, the more expensive your car insurance premium is. If you can choose between a larger engine and a smaller one, it’s a much better idea to choose the smaller engine for a better rate.

Call Your Insurance agent

When it’s time to narrow down your selections, call your car insurance agent to discuss your options. let them know what you’re thinking of purchasing, and ask them to run a quick check for you on the cost to insure each vehicle. You might find you’re more inclined to purchase a specific car if it has a lower car insurance premium than another vehicle. Your insurance agent can tell you precisely how much you will pay for your new rate when you call.

One more way to lower your car insurance rate when you’re shopping for a new car is to opt for a higher deductible. This is something you must be comfortable with prior to buying a car and an accident occurs. If you aren’t worried about the out-of-pocket cost for your car insurance deductible when an accident occurs, this might be the best solution for you. Keeping rates low is important, and you can ensure you do this with a few simple techniques prior to car shopping.

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